Mar. 4th, 2017

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+please credit [ profile] wickedgraphics or [ profile] wickedvengeance if you take
+comments are always appreciated (feedback greatly appreciated)
+textless icons are not bases

icons found here
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You guys are rock stars! We went from having 1 entry to having a bunch, thanks a lot! Round 75 is now closed. I left it open another half hour in case anyone was last minute and because I lost track of time watching the giraffe cam.

I will try to get voting up within the next 24 hours!

Also, I have changed the rules with claiming a bit. Multiple people can be signed up for the same character from now on. And you can claim whoever you want even if you claimed the same character last month.

(Spot Status: 08/--)

1. Comment with your user name, the full name of your claim (including the TV show they are/were on), and your country (for time zone purposes if there is an issue with your submission). Please use the form below.
2. A character may be claimed by mulitple people.
3. Be a member of the community. This is so that I can give you posting access when you are added to the sign up list.
4. The round will start March 10th and ends March 31st.

Form to sign up with:

participants behind the cut )


Television characters - 20 icons - 20 days

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