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Round is 76 is officially closed. I will get voting up as soon as possible. Sorry this is late but life and thunderstorms have gotten in my way.

Round 77 will most likely be the final round here at [livejournal.com profile] tvcharacter20. In light of recent news, I know a lot of users are leaving LJ and participation has not been great as of late. So I have decided that this will be the final round, at least here on LJ. If I decide to continue, it will be on Dreamwidth. I have already created the community over there and will import the files there sometime this week as a backup just in case.

(Spot Status: 04/--)

1. Comment with your user name, the full name of your claim (including the TV show they are/were on), and your country (for time zone purposes if there is an issue with your submission). Please use the form below.
2. A character may be claimed by multiple people.
3. Be a member of the community. This is so that I can give you posting access when you are added to the sign up list.
4. The round will start April 10th and ends April 30th.

Form to sign up with:

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